Giordano Saudi Arabia

Giordano Saudi Arabia was established in 1995 thru an Exclusive Retail and Distribution agreement with – TAGS Retailers (Textile and Garments Co. LTD.).
Giordano Saudi Arabia now operates 92 stores throughout the Kingdom.
About Us
“To make people feel good and look great”. This straightforward mission has served the Giordano Group well since 1981 in guiding its growth from a manufacturer of casual clothing into a leading international retailer of apparel and accessories for men, women and children. By providing attractive everyday fashion in a comfortable environment, it has built a family of brands synonymous with quality, value and customer service.

Giordano embodies the contemporary lifestyle choices – simplicity in design and quality in substance. Its total commitment to superior service and outstanding quality and value has enabled the company to successfully execute on its multiple-market and multiple-brand strategy. It has successfully established retail operations in over 40 countries worldwide while continuing to develop and grow the brands Giordano, Giordano Concepts, Giordano Ladies, and Giordano Junior, each with its own individual market positioning and retail identity.

The heart of the Giordano system is that it is totally customer responsive. Information, speed and simplicity are the key components driving the entire operation.

By keeping things simple, operations are streamlined and this allows for speed which in turn allows the creation of value, because time is money and by keeping matters consistently simple, Giordano can offer customer the convenience of knowing where to get their basic apparel problem solved. This is service.

In terms of the Middle East apparel market, Giordano is probably one of top five clothing retailers in the whole Arab world. The brand now operates over 240 stores in over 23 countries across the region that includes the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) countries, Jordan, Iran, India, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia. The brand’s offering of timeless, relevant and easy to mix and match apparel has proved popular for all age groups and nationalities, demonstrating the global appeal of the brand.


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